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"I have worked with Melissa on several movie and video sets and and I have seen her transform actors in to their characters with her impeccable makeup skills and artistic vision"

- Debbie Rodriguez

Men tips:

Men only: Tinted Moisterizer If you're squeamish about wearing foundation, opt for a tinted moisturizer which will soften your skin after shaving and add a touch of color or tan. If you can't find a brand for guys, you can look in the women's section, but beware of finding one that will add shine or sparkles to your skin. Look for a basic moisturizer with a light tint and no frills. Again, find one that will compliment your skin tone, not change it.

Yellow nails:

Soak in lemon Juice when Dark Polish gives your nails an icky yellow stain, go in your kitchen rub down your nails with a lemon wedge (acid helps cancel the out the yellow) and follow with a vitamin treatment nail polish to return your nail to good health, just in time foe the spring!!!

Find the Right red Shade for You:

1. Apply a red lipstick shade that you like to your top lip only and then look at the color against your natural bottom lip. 2.If the red lipstick is one or two shades darker then you’ve found the shade that will look the most flattering on you! 3. Shine your color with a clear or neutral lip gloss. enjoy!

Concealer Sticks:

Make up tip: These are great for everyone to have in your make up bag/ purse They are easy to apply and stay put!